Geek like me

31 Jul 2003|Christoper Ireland

Geek like me
I first knew I was a geek in the 4th grade. I was the only girl who would hang out with Steven Neumann, a gawky kid who was only interested in science. We would sit around and plan how to build flying cars (ok, you build a really big propeller in the back and I’ll build some flaps up front and then…), dreaming of the day we’d test drive them over our neighborhood. To my girl friends, Steven had major “cooties”, but I didn’t care because he had such an interesting mind.

After a few years, I stopped hanging out with Steven, but I never forgot him. And I’ve never outgrown my fascination for people with interesting minds. Fortunately, I chose a career that surrounds me with many “Stevens.” Most have gotten over their gawky stage, but they are still men (and women) who passionately love science, technology, genetics or any type of complex topic. They continue to be wonderful sources of inspiration, deep insight and incredible fun.

One of my favorite fellow geeks is also a girl–although it’s a disservice to describe her in one word. Brenda is an amazing combination of female, scientist, philosopher, writer, pagan, explorer, designer and gal-pal. Check out her website and you’ll see what I mean.

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