Competing for my time.

06 Jun 2005|Jennifer Grey

Having an extended group of friends and associates is a gift. Yeah, a gift that catapults me more often than not into dizzying confusion and scheduling. Count your groups. Here’s a glimpse of mine: Family (Close, Extended); Friends (high school, college, work friends, BCI Alumnae, EDAW Alumnae); Candidates (current, prospective, past); Church; Sasha’s basketball team; Sasha’s soccer team; School moms; Hiking Partners; That’s just a start.

Add a spouse and a couple more kids and the groups quickly get out of control. Airset to the rescue.

Granted it’s a beta rescue, and I’ve just been introduced to it, but it’s promising. It’s a web-based program that lets me track all my ‘groups’ in an organized way. It integrates with Outlook and it synchs up with mobile phones. It sends reminders to a phone or Palm and lets me share calendars any way I choose between the members of my groups. It also lets me mingle my groups (invite 2 from work, 2 school moms, a hiking partner and 5 family members). You can keep things separate and apart and not go crazy trying to achieve a balanced life. Think of how cool for your spouse to check out your travel calendar before scheduling a night out or promising your daughter you’ll be at her game. Think of your son getting a quick text message reminding him to take his soccer gear to school.

Groups suddenly work together rather than becoming this giant amorphous mix of ‘should haves, could haves would haves’ if only I’d remembered to get it on my calendar. Like all promises of organization, I have high hopes. Let’s see if this pans out.

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