Marketing Yourself

18 Dec 2005|Jennifer Grey

You’d think marketing candidates would be smart enough not to submit a resume when they are looking for a job. Why hasn’t this lame method of job hunting fallen by the wayside? Nobody writes a resume that says what they do. Nobody enjoys reading a resume.

Hat’s off to two recent candidates – Elena and George. A few days ago I talked with Elena about a job. As I do with all candidates, I asked for her ‘story’ – to walk me through her life starting at any point she chose and to fill me in on the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. I never fail to get a great sense of people this way. Well, smartly, Elena told her friend George about our open positions. George of course sent a resume. But he also sent what he called a ‘walk-through’. It was the story of George. Why he took the jobs he did, what appealed to him and why, what got him moving from one place to another. Success. That’s a smart ‘candidate’. I called him. I hope we’re working together soon.

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