The Yellow Shoes

06 Aug 2012|Cultural Insight Team

In The Red Shoes, the 1948 Powell and Pressburger classic film, Moira Shearer plays a girl whose enchanted ballet shoes transform her into a virtuoso dancer who simply can’t stop dancing.

Yellow trainers (

Over the last week, it feels like we’ve seen our Olympic athletes in a similar scenario. But this time it’s enchanted yellow shoes. These vivid, neon yellow trainers have been entirely ubiquitous – dominating every line-up, making each race a sea of highlighter yellow, and transforming mortal runners into wing-footed gods.

But this is no goblin magic – its the shrewd work of Nike. The dazzling shoes are part of their ‘Volt Collection’ – created especially for the USA Team, and perfectly designed for a range of track, field and road events.

Adidas may be the official sponsors – but Nike have snuck in and grabbed our attention with the most essential piece of kit.

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