The Growth Imperative: Dinner, case-studies and round table discussion

07 Apr 2014|Added Value

Growth is one of the hottest topics of our time. It fills newspaper headlines. It worries presidents, prime ministers and CEOs.

It is proving increasingly hard for businesses to find growth. Not only have we been through a long period of sluggish growth  in many markets, but crucially markets are becoming ever more complex and ever more competitive.

However, marketing exists to take on these kinds of challenges. Marketing was invented to deliver growth, and brand-led growth remains the best kind of growth for any business to achieve.

Senior marketers of global brands will share their stories of growth: the challenges they faced and the solutions they found on the occasion of a dinner presentation, in Paris (France) on the 24th of April, from 19.00 till 21.30.

Our keynote speaker will be Eric Salama, Global CEO of Kantar, sharing his vision on growth.

Come and share the challenges your brand is facing and hear how other brands managed to resolve their issues.


  • Keynote speaker: Eric Salama, CEO, Kantar
  • Flemming F Thygesen Group Director of Consumer Insights & Planning, Clarks
  • François Dung, Director, Research and Quality, Accor
  • Martin Riley, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard

Added Value
32-34 rue Marbeuf
75008, Paris

Due to a limited number of places, please RSVP to Marina Cozzika,

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