Diageo: Women

What do women want?

51% of people in the world are women. But Diageo’s vast portfolio didn’t reflect this. It was time for change.

Working closely with the client team we opened their eyes to what women really want and showed that it’s not all pink and sparkly. We developed marketing principles which helped shift the company mindset. And together we created one of the most inspiring presentations the Diageo Executive board had ever seen using a powerful approach of film, imagery and interactive gifts that brought our findings to life.

Since, the executive presentation ‘women’ have become a strategic priority for Diageo. There are now teams on the ground in each market who are specifically tasked to target a more female and unisex audience.


This is a sea change for Diageo. And you did it. I honestly can’t think of anything I’ve been more excited about, and it’s down to all of you.

Chief Marketing Officer, Diageo