Where is haircare headed?

Philips wanted to know how to shape their innovation in a way that would keep it culturally styled for the future.

We immersed ourselves in the fringes of culture, in emergent salons and backstreet barbers in five of the world’s most exciting cities to see the changing trends in hair care on a grassroots level. We created ideas as we went and worked with the Philips team to filter and select the best for their innovation pipeline.

A bespoke interactive tool holds all the learnings, points to the opportunities and has engaged the wider business on how everyone can make great ideas happen. It’s changed the way Philips plan their hair care innovation forever.


It's different, when you live it you really learn from this... this is the most fun I've had doing research. When I showed people the tool they said wow, what kind of agency did this? These sort of people should be our most strategic partners.

Market Intelligence, Philips