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5 ways for brands to win with diversity and gender bias

27 Mar 2017 | Added Value

It’s not a question of whether brands will contribute to important social conversations, but when and how.

Travel the world: Bringing the world of User-Generated Content to life

27 Jan 2017 | Added Value

We uncovered four high-level motivations for traveler content creation.

Culture is a powerful tool for understanding the context in which brands & their categories play

11 Jan 2017 | Added Value

The rapid shift in views of beauty and gender illustrate opportunity

The edge of seventeen

20 Dec 2016 | Added Value

After we’ve just about got to grips with Millennials, a new group is on the horizon; Generation Z.

FragmentNation 2016: How serendipity can help build your brand

05 Dec 2016 | Added Value

How can brands be heard in an environment of increasing noise.

How to Win with Millennials: The 5C Code

28 Nov 2016 | Added Value France

We identified 5 pivotal principles to increase your appeal in the eyes of Millennials.

Millennials and Centennials: How Young Generations Will Transform the Years to Come

28 Nov 2016 | Added Value France

We identified 8 key dynamics of change that will keep influencing future evolutions in terms of consumption, communication and innovation.

Top 5 Insights for Businesses to Win With the South African Women

30 Jun 2016 | dutlowm

Women make up an increasingly powerful and lucrative target market that cannot be ignored.

CASE STUDY: M&S Putting Passion back into Promotion

10 May 2016 | Added Value

Proudly introducing ‘M&S &’; a fresh new promotional event that pairs M&S’s unique heritage with talented names across the globe.

The Politicisation of Emojis

10 May 2016 | Added Value

How brands are using emojis to connect with people.

Top Tips to Form a Community for a Cultural Role: Starbucks

27 Apr 2016 | pughi

Starbucks have managed to create unique moments and milestones that their community can share.

Introducing Creating Cultural Value

27 Apr 2016 | pughi

Added Value conducted a global five stage study showing how successful brands thrive by delivering Cultural Value.

The Challenges Established Brands Face to Stay Relevant

02 Mar 2016 | Added Value

The current cultural weaknesses of both the Grammys and the Academy Awards are reflected in SNAPSHOT…

What’s Hot in Culture 2016

26 Jan 2016 | Cultural Insight Team

To connect with the things people really care about, it is vital to understand and even anticipate what those things might be.

Connecting with Culture

26 Jan 2016 | Cultural Insight Team

Brands have to embed themselves in culture by tapping into the things that people are actually concerned about.

What the 2016 Pirelli Calendar Actually Reveals

18 Dec 2015 | tarboxl

Could male gazers be more than just their gaze?

Cultural Cool

16 Nov 2015 | Cultural Insight Team

Brands that connect most powerfully to culture emit a magical frisson of ‘cool’.

Boom, don’t bust in Brazil

24 Oct 2012 | Added Value

Get your Brand moving

01 Jun 2012 | Added Value

Jeremy Lin's Appeal Is Irresistible in China, Too

07 Mar 2012 | Added Value

Jerry Clode writes for AdAge Global on the rise of #Linsanity and what it means for marketers in China.

Riding the Water Dragon

19 Jan 2012 | Added Value

“Just Slap A Dragon On It”

19 Jan 2012 | Added Value

China’s Growing Sense of Consciousness

03 Nov 2011 | Added Value

Rise of the Conceptual Age

28 Oct 2011 | Added Value

Retail: An experience to remember

14 Sep 2011 | Added Value

Hispanic Cyberstudy 2010

30 Jan 2011 | Added Value

Restoring the currency of the brand

17 May 2010 | Added Value

Behaving Australian…

08 Apr 2010 | Added Value

Power to the People

03 Dec 2009 | Added Value

China: making the right strategic choices

02 Dec 2009 | Added Value

El poder del cultural cool

09 Jun 2008 | Added Value

Top semiotics analyst to speak at SAMRA

30 Apr 2007 | Added Value

Nutrition and Healthiness in China

16 Dec 2006 | Added Value

Unlocking the DNA of Luxury

01 Aug 2005 | Added Value

Perceptions of Color: Global Market Bias

30 Oct 2004 | Added Value

Sisters are doing it for themselves

09 Aug 2004 | Added Value