The latest market share stats from comScore show that Android (Google) is beating the iPhone in device sales.  This is good news for the competitive market, which needs an alternative to the iPhone to keep innovation hardy.


is android winning


However, the financial numbers show a different picture.

TechCrunch reports the Apple App Store attracted nearly 24,000 developers between August 2010 and February 2011, whereas the Android Market attracted just over 4,000 developers in the same time period.  The number of paid apps in the App Store is also far greater, 66% of all apps versus 34% of Android apps.



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And the financial numbers reflect this.  Android Market revenues in 2010 came in at an estimated $102 million, compared to an estimated $1.7 billion for the Apple App Store, according to IHS Screen Digest.

This can’t help but affect where app developers decide to put their development resources, even if they are committed to an open source platform.  I believe the Android platform will mount a strong challenge to iPhone dominance, but the battle is far from over.

  • Alwyn

    I love this! I have a theory that all of these sales are not just about app development but have something to do with…1) the “cool” or “tech” image attached to Apple, 2) the fact that their devices are pick-up-and-go / user- friendly and 3) everything with an Apple logo on it just works when you link them up. I do not think other manufacturers offer the same functionality that Apple does and for this reason, they can charge a bit more. People want to be associated with successful and niche brands. As we know, it makes them feel unique. So, even if Android might seem to be winning, it might be short-lived. There are only so many apps one can develop after which people start wanting functionality and ease-of-use again. Great post, thanks!