On April 2, 2019 we stopped using our legacy operating brand names and present ourselves to clients as Kantar.

This is a natural step for us to take. We have been evolving as an organisation for some time. An increasing number of our clients, partners and press refer to us as Kantar. The move is all about simplicity.  It allows us to better deliver on our unique ability to give our clients a complete view of the people they serve, with actionable data, insights, consulting and advanced technology.  It’s responding to employee and client feedback, and is driven by a desire to achieve simplicity, scale and impact for us and our clients. A single brand will give us more and better brand presence externally and is an important signal of how we are evolving.

Our change is driven by a desire to achieve simplicity, scale and impact. The branding change is part of a host of other initiatives we have implemented to make us easier to work with. It also reduces barriers to co-creation and purposeful collaboration across our organization, making it easier for us to build platforms and offers globally that address your most pressing needs. Our ambition is that it will be easier for you to access the breadth of our expertise.

Some examples of recent Kantar-wide initiatives include:

  • The launch of Kantar Marketplace, a new global on-demand research and insights store.
  • Kantar’s new Brand Guidance Systems that intelligently integrates survey measures with social, search, sales, media, behavioral data to provide actionable insights when they’re needed to optimize brand or campaign performance.
  • The integration of big data, artificial intelligence and analytical capabilities from across the company that unlocks deeper insights to fuel business growth.

Together, Kantar understands more about how people think, feel, shop, share, vote and view than any other company. We are dedicated to ensuring this knowledge inspires and delivers real impact for you.