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The Feminine Plural

27 Apr 2015 | pompei de warrensc

In 2015, women happily play with the codes of a multifaceted femininity whose form and codes they have redefined.

In the News: Press Coverage

01 Jan 2014 | Added Value

Bloomberg, The Financial Times, Huffington Post, Shanghai Daily, BBC News and Forbes… we’re in the press all over the world.

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Branding for Good - Issue 47: Behavioral Economics

18 Jan 2017 | Added Value

This month we will talk about how brands are leveraging the principles behind Behavioral Economics to drive change for the better.

Culture is a powerful tool for understanding the context in which brands & their categories play

11 Jan 2017 | Added Value

The rapid shift in views of beauty and gender illustrate opportunity

Millennials and centennials: How young generations will transform the years to come

06 Jan 2017 | Added Value

This article argues that Millennials have reached the age where their values are impacting the era in which they live, and on which they will leave an indelible trace.

Consumers on Instagram: Through their looking glass

06 Jan 2017 | Added Value

This article explains how marketers can harness the power of Instagram and user-generated visual content to create value for their brands.

2016 Must-Reads

27 Dec 2016 | Added Value

Here are some of our favorite reads from 2016.

Looking Back on 2016

22 Dec 2016 | Added Value

5 emerging themes shaped by the events of 2016 & questions every brand should consider in relationship to them