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The Feminine Plural

Cécile Gorgeon

In 2015, women happily play with the codes of a multifaceted femininity whose form and codes they have redefined.

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Top 5 Tips to Reach Iconicity

30 Nov 2015 | Added Value France

From connecting to culture to making the most of your history and heritage, here are five ways to help your brand reach iconicity.

Cultural Cool

16 Nov 2015 | Cultural Insight Team

Brands that connect most powerfully to culture emit a magical frisson of 'cool'.

‘Tis the season

6 Nov 2015 | Cultural Insight Team

The season of the Christmas advert is upon us. Although characteristically beautiful, and set to a hauntingly breathy cover of Oasis’s Half the World Away, John Lewis hasn’t created a world that feels relatable enough.

A Taxonomy of the Modern Millennial Consumer

27 Oct 2015 | Laura Tarbox

There more than one definition of what it is to be a millennial. Understanding some of the more interesting and culturally engaged genus could help your brand connect that bit better.

Growth Opportunities in Women’s Health in China

26 Oct 2015 | Panos Dimitropoulos

As the Chinese economy continues to evolve, brands are identifying women as an increasingly important consumer segment, especially in the area of health and wellness.

Top 5: Luxury Brands Leading in Digital

20 Oct 2015 | Jessica Parr

Luxury is no longer just about tradition and heritage; it’s nimble, quick and paving the way for digital innovation and engagement.