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The Feminine Plural

Cécile Gorgeon

In 2015, women happily play with the codes of a multifaceted femininity whose form and codes they have redefined.

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Is Europe losing its grip on Luxury?

28 Aug 2015 | Agathe Laurent

In the past 20 years, the rise of luxury and wealth in emerging markets like China, Russia, and India is indisputable.

The Business of Beauty in Africa

27 Aug 2015 | Marilyn Dutlow

The case for Africa to be the next big source of business growth has been made but are industries innovating to truly meet the needs of African consumers?

Branding For Good: Issue 42

22 Jul 2015 | Added Value

Welcome to issue 42 of Added Value’s newsletter focused on building brand purpose: the challenges, opportunities, our solutions and points of view.

The Feminine Plural

21 Jul 2015 | Jonathan Hall

What really matters for brands is the ability to reinvent models of femininity