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The Feminine Plural

27 Apr 2015 | pompei de warrensc

In 2015, women happily play with the codes of a multifaceted femininity whose form and codes they have redefined.

In the News: Press Coverage

01 Jan 2014 | Added Value

Bloomberg, The Financial Times, Huffington Post, Shanghai Daily, BBC News and Forbes… we’re in the press all over the world.

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FragmentNation: Kantar Thought Leaders Share Insights on Brand Success in Today’s Fragmented Marketplace

05 Dec 2016 | Added Value

How brands can navigate the current fragmented marketplace to better connect with consumers.

FragmentNation 2016: From color blind to color brave

05 Dec 2016 | Added Value

Brands must be brave about social issues that minorities care about.

FragmentNation 2016: How serendipity can help build your brand

05 Dec 2016 | Added Value

How can brands be heard in an environment of increasing noise.

FragmentNation 2016: Think big. Execute small

05 Dec 2016 | Leslie Pascaud

Brands should follow three principles to successfully think big and act small.

Offre de stage

01 Dec 2016 | Added Value France

Kantar Added Value France cheche son nouveau stagiaire.

How to Win with Millennials: The 5C Code

28 Nov 2016 | Added Value France

We identified 5 pivotal principles to increase your appeal in the eyes of Millennials.