2005 Grammys

14 Feb 2005|Christoper Ireland

I don’t know what I like more about musicians: that they seem to be completely color-blind; that they actually seek out and revere strong women; that they have an innate sense of good taste in nearly everything; or that they are masters of creating relevant, memorable and meaningful experiences.

If you had the pleasure of watching the Grammy’s Sunday night, you have full proof of this. The range of artists was stunning and the music was so good, I had to keep hopping onto iTunes and buying more songs. Influenced by both the words and the delivery, I found myself swearing to be happier, vowing to live life to the fullest, and promising to take those Salsa lessons this year. It’s a rare TV show that can make you say “I wish I was there”–but that’s exactly how I felt. Highlights?

–Top performance was undoubtedly a bald Melissa Etheridge belting out “Piece of my Heart” in tribute to Janis Joplin. Thank god for Tivo. I’ll replay this forever.

Usher got the blessing of James Brown as the new “godson” of soul. James looked fine in a bright red suit, but I was praying he wouldn’t try the splits. Usher, on the other hand, can apparently make his body do anything.

Bonnie Raitt did a very touching tribute to Ray Charles (one of many throughout the night). She sounded and looked sublime, and reminded me once again that I want to grow up to be her.

Alicia Keys pounded out “If I Ain’t Got You,” and then was joined by Jamie Foxx on a hot-blooded version of Ray Charles “Georgia.”

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gretchen Wilson and other like-minded musicians in black T-shirts reminded everyone in the auditorium that redneck music is alive and well.

Kanye West did a musical reenactment of his recent brush with death that bordered on corny except for Kanye’s exceptionally powerful presence and the 300lb. black women sashaying across the stage in their floral chiffon dresses.

–Last, but not least, the lovely Queen Latifah used her charm, talent and size to hold together this massive jam session. A lesser or smaller host would have drowned.

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